Bag House Operation Problems

Fig. 1: Today, bag filters find increasing attention also for the filtration of solid fuel power stations.
Dust Collection
More stringent air-pollution laws are drawing more attention to the off gas cleaning facilities of industrial and power plants. Nowadays, bag filters are gaining more and more attention also in medium and high temperature applications. Typical problems arising from physical function and chemical impact will be featured in this article.

Whipped into Shape

By enlisting the services of a professional silo-cleaning crew from Martin Engineering, USA, the Commercial Acres RMC facility was able to have all three silos safely emptied and ready for repair in just ten working hours.
Silo Cleaning
When their silo walls bulged due to increased internal stresses, which resulted from material build-up within the silo, a North American Ready Mix Concrete plant looked for a possibility to empty the silos without the need to enter them.

Cleaning the Cleaners

In aggregates business, equipment is subjected to harsh materials and weather. Flexco belt cleaners are an important part of keeping systems clear and running.
Conveyor Belt Cleaning
Belt Conveyors are an integral part of almost any plant in the base materials industries. Their function is of paramount importance for the entire plants. Following you’ll find the “Why’s” and “How to’s” for an effective conveying plant.

If the Belt is on Fire

Burning belts do not only mean production losses, but often also a thread for personnel and equipment.
Belt Conveyor Safety
Playing with fire!? - Belt conveyors are sophisticated equipment widely used in the transportation business. Most often, nevertheless, their function is of paramount importance for the plants they serve: If the belt conveyors fail, the plant (or port) might be paralysed, so their weaknesses should always be kept in mind.

Dump the Ore!

A train is approaching the railcar dumper at an iron ore smelter.
Unit Train Unloading
Unit trains are in common use when it comes to in-land transport of bulk solids over great distances. To keep the pace of transport, fast unloading is of paramount interest. How to afford fast unloading is described in this article.

Big is never big enough

MVR 6000 C-6 – Australias  largest cement mill.
Cement Milling Plants
Milling Plants in the Cement Industry (as well as in related industries) are very demanding. Plants have to operate around the clock, and drive capacities of up to 12,000 KW and grinding capacities of up to 1000 t/h are being discussed. Due to the trend towards ever increasing plant capacities the development of new designs needs to be accelerated.


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