Can you go with the Flow? Solids Flowmeters for Industrial Applications

Solids flowmeter systems are used in any industry from food to power generation.
Bulk Solids Flow
Solids flowmeters are an interesting solution to indicate flow rates in pipes and chutes. Matt Morrissey, Product Manager Weighing Technology at Siemens, says 'interesting' because “they are only moderately accurate, costly, require a lot of tuning after installation and are usually only as good as the whole process around them.”

India's first Elevated, Triangulated Gallery Overland Conveyor System

In March 2013 the Adani Group commissioned two high speed, elevated, horizontally curved conveyors which are supported by unusual lightweight triangular galleries spanning 36 metres.
Overland Conveyor System
In 2010 the Adani Group broke ground on a new solid cargo handing port with the installation of a unique conveyor system that moves up to 6000 t/h to a rail loading silo approx. 4.75 kilometres from the port. These conveyors are supported by lightweight triangular galleries that do not include walkways and are maintained with a motorised trolley.

US Cement Manufacturer takes Control of Fugutive Material

By avoiding accumulations of fugitive material that required cleanup, Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua is reducing the need for maintenance personnel to work in close proximity to fast-moving conveyors. To deliver positive dust containment, each transfer point was outfitted with Martin Apronseal Skirting, a dual design with two sealing surfaces.
Conveyor Dust Control
A global producer of cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and related products has completed a significant upgrade to its bulk material handling conveyors, helping the company eliminate waste and reduce maintenance, while minimizing potential risks from airborne dust and fugitive material build-up. By avoiding accumulations that required cleanup, the company is also reducing the need for maintenance personnel to work in close proximity to fast-moving conveyors, helping further diminish the chance of accident or injury.


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