New Products

New Products

Haver & Boecker adds Refurbishment Program to Range of Services

Haver & Boecker say that their new refurbishment program can save customers as much as 40 percent over buying new while having the assurance that their refurbished machines will run at peak capacity.
Processing Equipment
Haver & Boecker announces the addition of a refurbishment program to its breadth of services and equipment for the mining and aggregate industries. According to the company, the new program gives customers the opportunity to save as much as 40 % over buying new while having the assurance that their refurbished machines will operate at peak capacity.

Low Maintenance, Heavy Duty Screw Conveyor Solutions

RUD screw conveyor systems are used for horizontal, inclined and vertical transportation.
Screw Conveyors
RUD Chains is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of round steel chains, producing components and systems for a wide variety of markets and applications. They offer a range of product solutions to the bulk materials industry, and design, fit and manufacture complete conveyor and drive systems, such as bucket elevators and chain conveyors for bulk materials handling.

New Integrated Drive System with compact, space-saving Design

The compact design of the Planurex 3 enables space-saving, high transmission ratios to be achieved.
Planetary Gear Unites
Siemens has widened its portfolio of planetary gear units. The Planurex 3 is available in ten sizes, with a torque range from 1700 to 5450 kNm. The size grading is harmonized to reduce the jump in power ratings between different sizes. This makes a suitable torque and a suitable transmission ratio available for almost every application.

Big-Bag Handling Hoists for with single or twin Bag Loads

Individual bag loads of 1100 or 2200 kg can be accommodated with the specialised big-bag, air operated hoists manufactured by J.D. Neuhaus.
Big-Bag Handling
Processing procedures involving powdered, granulated or other free-flowing materials require regular, high volume product top-ups to maintain adequate production through-puts. The specialised big-bag, air operated hoists manufactured by J.D. Neuhaus are suitable for operating with single or twin bag loads. These handling products also provide safe, speedy and accurate positioning, even where limited headroom conditions exist.

Fast, Safe Unloading of Bottom-Discharge Hopper Cars

The Boot-lift Railcar Connector automatically connects with the railcar and rises as the load empties out, maintaining an effective seal throughout the process.
Railcar Unloading
The Boot-Lift Railcar Connector from Martin Engineering improves the speed and safety of connecting a hopper car to under-track conveying systems, preventing the loss of material to wind or contamination without workers crawling under the car. Installed on the track flanges and powered by an air-over-hydraulic design, the boot rises to the unloading gates for clean, efficient unloading of bottom-discharge hopper cars. Sponge seals fit securely to the gates for a clean transfer of material to the conveying system.


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