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Conveying & Transportation

Chevron Megapipe conveyors are an alternative to conventional truck-transportation of bulk solid materials in deep open cast mines.
IPCC-system with new Belt Conveying Concept for steep Opencast Minewalls
In order to allow for a continuous high capacity conveying system out of steep walled open pit mines Thyssenkrupp together with Contitech and Siemens developped the Chevron Megapipe conveyor with an up to 900 mm outer diameter.... more
Compressed Air Supply : New Blower Model launched
Closed Belt Conveyor : Electronic Belt Monitoring

Storage & Handling

Schade circular storage and reclaiming system
Stacking & Reclaiming
Schade has won a major circular storage project from Shanghai Electric Power Construction for a new power plant in the Philippines
Reducing the Cost of Carrying ‘Safety Stocks' : Sufficient Stock at Lower Cost
Six important Parameters to consider when looking for a Bulk Bag Filler : Specifying a Bulk Bag Filler


The raw material is ground by crushing and shearing.
The Production of Sand for Use in Specialised Mortar Varieties
The BHS rotor impact mills of type RPM are becoming more and more popular for the production of sand for dry mortar. In some countries they have become almost a standard for the production of extraordinarily fine sand.

Measurement & Automation

With AZO Plus, each component has a unique identifier which can be stored on an RFID chip or in a QR Code. If the operator identifies a component in the plant, they can use a mobile device to view all the existing information relating to this part.
Instrumentation & Control
The new information platform from AZO gives you important information about your machines and systems. Use an RFID or a QR Code reader to identify the component you need, and you will get all the relevant data in a single app:... more

Safety & Environment

An explosion in a wood processing plant may endanger human lifes and the environment as well as the survival of the plant.
Innovative Explosion Protection for Wood-processing Plants
Since the re-discovery of regenerative energy sources wood processing has seen a considerable growth due to the demand of easy to handle fuel. In view of the ignitability and explosibility of the developing wood dust provisions... more


From 2018 on, Rainer Zimmermann will be solely responsible for the success of the AZO Group.
AZO Group Management: Rainer Zimmermann to become sole Managing Partner
By the end of 2017, Robert Zimmermann is going to retire as one of the managing partners of the AZO Group in Osterburken. The management responsibility, which is currently shared by Robert and Rainer Zimmermann, will be... more

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