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Compact Aumund Conveyors for Sintering Plant in The Netherlands

 Transport of the Aumund pan conveyor will be in a fully assembled state by truck to reduce the usual time for mounting and alignment of the various assemblies.
Hot Sinter Conveying
The Metallurgy Division of Aumund Fördertechnik has won a follow-up order to equip a third sintering line at a Dutch steel mill with an Aumund special conveyor for the conveying of hot sinter material. For this line a pan conveyor type (pan width = 2400 mm) with a length of 13.5 m will be installed. The conveying capacity has been designed for 250 t/h of hot sinter at a material temperature of 500 to 1000°C.

Bag Dump Station with Tubular Cable Conveyor

Flexicon Manual Dumping Station with integral Flexi-Disc Tubular Cable Conveyor contains dust and conveys friable bulk foods and non-foods gently over short or long distances.
Manual Bag Dumping
A new manual dumping station with integral Flexi-Disc tubular cable conveyor from Flexicon collects dust created during manual dumping from bags, boxes, pails and other containers, and gently conveys the material at any angle over short or long distances. The unit features a high velocity vacuum fan that draws airborne dust from the operator's atmosphere onto cartridge filters.


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