XILOMIX® Silocontrol


XILOMIX® Silocontrol

The purpose of the XILOMIX® Silo Control is to control and integrate all the functions of one or more silos/closed containers in general while they are being loaded with bulk materials (powder, grain, etc.,) by a pneumatic conveyor.

In detail, the purposes of the system can be summed up as follows:

  1. Monitoring the pressure inside the silo during product loading to avoid:
    - any overpressure due to insufficient degassing of air inlet into the silo by the pneumatic conveyor,
    - vacuum generated by emptying the silo too quickly or incorrectly (through pressure relief valve).

    Both are harmful for the silo and its accessories, they can also pollute the atmosphere and cause hazardous or harmful situations to the operators.

  2. To have just one unit control the loading process of several silos, meaning there is a centralised control of the system and the certainty:
    - that the truck is connected to the silo, verifying the number of the silo, that has been chosen, and the loading authorization,
    - of the condition of the maximum and minimum level gauges,
    - that the compressed air pressure is sufficient for cleaning the filter and for feeding the pinch valve,
    - of the pressure inside the silo,
    - of the loading and simultaneous process status control of 32 silos that can be managed,
    - that there is just one power supply for one silo which means a reduction of risks (alarms always need a specific power supply),
    - that all the filters will be cleaned automatically at the end of the process.

Peculiarities and Advantages of XILONIX® Silo Control

The advantages of the new XILOMIX® Silo Control system are:

  1. Easy use thanks to:
    - Alphanumeric display interface and extremely intuitive signal led, mainly for what concerns signalling and identification of possible breakdowns or alarms,
    - the whenever possible set up of the wished language (the menu can be in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian).
  2.  Flexibility in application because:
    - it offers different configurations for each single silo according to different purposes,
    - with a synoptic control panel type SSE32B and its respective interface panels SSR, it is possible to manage up to 32 silos (with a simultaneous monitoring of all silos, quite apart from those interested in loading process),
    - the system provides for delayed closing pinch valve. The setting of the closing delay and the signal of full load enable the operator to stop the loading and to clean pipes through inlet.
  3. Innovative conception because, in spite of an high standardization, it is possible to:
    - personalize it according to different needs of application,
    - install it in already existing plants, fulfilling and integrating the attachments
  4. Safety resulting from:
    - a working logic well developed by Mix engineers, able to: avoid possible procedural errors, intrinsic hazard of process and visually (through led and display) and acoustically (through siren) advance possible damaging events. It allows to intervene from control panel on each single silo;
    - a local intervention operating that permits to stop (through mushroom headed emergency push button) only the single interested unit;
    - the optional system LSC (air reserve tank for pinch valve), which, in case of insufficient pressure, avoid the reopening of pinch valve, preventing any loading process when the Control Silo system is disconnected.
  5. Reduced maintenance and lasting reliability thanks to high quality materials.