3D Solids Scanners for accurate continuous Level and Volume Measurement

Level Measurement

3D Solids Scanners for accurate continuous Level and Volume Measurement

Emerson Process Management developed the Rosemount 5708 Series of 3D Solids Scanners for the continuous measurement of level, volume and mass of bulk solids and powders in large vessels, bins and silos. The new series uses acoustic measurement and 3D mapping technologies to provide accurate and reliable results even when measuring uneven or sloping surfaces under dusty conditions.
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Emerson’s Rosemount 3D Solids Scanners provide level, volume and mass measurement of bulk solids and powders.

Accordint to Emerson Process Management, the Rosemount 5708 Series 3D Solids Scanners provide highly accurate measurements of stored contents for improved process and inventory control. The scanners provide continuous volume measurements that are representative of the material’s surface, and can measure practically any kind of material including difficult-to-measure fly ash and materials with a low dielectric. The self-cleaning design requires low maintenance even when used in the dustiest environments.

Rosemount 3D Solids Scanners are suitable for measuring solids in silos, large open bins, bulk solid storage rooms, stockpiles and warehouses. There are models to deliver either level data only or both level and volume data using intuitive monitoring software. The Rosemount scanner maps the uneven surface typically found in solids applications and can provide the minimum and maximum level, the total volume and a 3D visualization of the surface.

The series includes level scanners for silos up to 5 m (16 feet) diameter and 70 m (230 feet) height, and there is also a version for larger vessels and silos up to 12 m (39 feet) diameter and 70 m (230 feet) height. Emerson can also supply systems of multiple devices to cover large areas such as 30 m x 70 m (98 x 230 feet) warehouses.

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