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Pipe Conveying the next Stage

A new Technology for Steep Incline High Capacity Open Pit Conveying
A new conveyor design is set to help reduce conventional heavy-duty truck traffic and the resulting high operating costs in open pit mines. This article presents the design and the initial findings of the feasibility study on the Chevron-Megapipe conveyor for a 350 m-deep open pit mine and a mass flow of 5000 t/h.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 04/7/2016)
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For a feasibility study, the following parameters (typical in open pit mining) were therefore selected for the steep-angle conveying of ore or overburden (Table 1):

Table 1: Layout and design data for the evaluated Megapipe-conveyor

The Chevron-Megapipe conveyor follows the embankment in the form of a vertical S-curve along the shortest route out of the open pit mine. In the bottom excavation area, trucks shuttle the material from the recovery point to a gyratory crusher (Fig. 5a). The primary crushed material is transported from the gyratory crusher to the Chevron-Megapipe conveyor by a short discharge belt, and transferred onto the Megapipe conveyor via a specially designed chute (Fig. 5b). The conveyor belt is driven by Directdrives (Fig. 5c) at the head station that is located at the pit rim. Finally, the material is transferred from the Chevron-Megapipe conveyor to a troughed belt system for further transport (overburden and ore can be handled selectively, if necessary). Necessary maintenance work along the conveyor route can be performed by a service cab that can be moved along the conveyor route by means of a winch drive. (Fig. 5d).

Fig. 5a: Gyratory crusher and feeding conveyor belt (Picture: ©Contitech AG CBG)

Fig. 5b: Feeding point (Picture: ©Contitech AG CBG)

Fig. 5c: Directdrive on head station (Picture: ©Contitech AG CBG)

Fig. 5d: Service cab (Picture: ©Contitech AG CBG)

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