Bedeschi accepts new Challenge in the Cereals Sector

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Bedeschi accepts new Challenge in the Cereals Sector

Recently, Bedeschi S.p.A. has extended its field of activities into the production of a 800 t/h continuous ship unloader for the handling of cereals. The elevator utilises chain conveyor technology.
(ed. wgeisler - 30/10/2016)
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Limena, Italy – Bedeschi S.p.A. who started as a manufacturer of equipment for the production of bricks and tiles and developed further to gas filtration, bulk handling and marine installations, recently announced the latest addition to their range of bulk material handling equipment as it  secured an order in Italy for a rail mounted continuous mechanical shipunloder CSU 800/29,5 for soya beans. 

This equipment, with a rated unloading capacity of 800 tons/h for ships up to Panamax size, will be built and tested in the Italian Bedeschi workshop, which offers the latest technology tools and facilities for the perfect machining and testing of such special items. The unloading technology is based on the proven chain elevator technology, which grants lowest power consumption, gentle handling of the material, compliancy to most stringent environmental regulation, simple and unexpansive maintenance.

The chain elevator features a hydraulic kick-in kick-out system to optimize the coverage of hold volume increasing total unloading efficiency. Considering the abrasiveness of the material handled the chain elevator, boom chain conveyor and chain conveyor connecting to quay belt conveyor have been specifically designed to prevent wear using high hardness special steel and easy to replace wearing plates. Bedeschi is able to provide a complete line of mechanical continuous ship unloaders for cereals and other materials ranging from 300 to 1500 t/h, able to operate on rails or rubber tires on any quay or jetty, and to unload ships with dimension up to 150.000 DWT.

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