Economic and reliable FGD-Gypsum Dewatering

A Filter Belt Generation used all over the World

Economic and reliable FGD-Gypsum Dewatering

Although the market share of renewab le energies has risen exponentially, coal is still the base for more than 40 per cent of the world’s electricity production. In recently built plants, flue gas desulphurisation is a standard. For further processing of the herewith produced gypsum sludge effective dewatering is of paramount importance.
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Established all over the World

With the exceptional efficiency of its Vacubelt 2015, GKD was able to convince a considerable number of power stations in other leading coal producing countries too. In the USA more than 15 power stations with an output volume between 1 and 2.7 gigawatts are equipped with over 35 Vacubelt belts on average every year. The all-monofilament Vacubelt 2015 in the most common belt size there is 50 metres long and 3 metres wide and is one of the favourites in American coal power stations. Nevertheless, the two-ply belt types of the successful filter belt family are being used in the USA as well: The type 2025 with staple fibres and the type 2035 with multifilament weft wires are still sought-after solutions in America. In South Africa another top power station relies on GKD’s innovative belt technology: The Kusile mineral coal power station (still under construction), located some 100 kilometres east of Johannesburg, was equipped with high-performance type 2015 belts in 2011. With 4800 megawatts of rated output, Kusile is ranked among the largest coal power stations in the world.

Visible from afar, the white plumes of power station cooling towers (Picture: © GKD/Rudi Böhmer)           

For a few years now GKD’s innovative mesh design has established itself as a key element of FGD gypsum dewatering systems wherever state-of-the- art technology is used for maximum efficiency and process reliability. Leading plant manufacturers and operators opt for the Vacubelt 2015 vacuum filter belts even as original equipment. Consistently unvarying filter performance and stability without blocking up guarantee long service lives. Even with variable gypsum volume or quality the results remain unvaryingly good. High cross-stability even at large widths is essential for continuously efficient operation and guaranteed residual moisture.

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