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A new Service for the Users of Screens and Scalpers
A global leader in engineered vibration for bulk material handling has introduced a new rental program for its line of industrial vibrators, designed for vibratory screens such as shale shakers and other solids separation equipment thus ensuring that customers are protected from surprise repair costs and the associated downtime.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 07/10/2015)
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A fleet of Martin vibratory drives was rented for a West Texas drilling site, where they operate 24/7.

Martin Engineering has been a pioneer in engineered vibration since 1949, when Edwin F. Peterson introduced the first industrial ball-type vibrator for bulk material applications. The patented Vibrolator was designed to create vibration by the rotation of a single steel ball in a hardened raceway. The pneumatic unit delivered dramatic material flow benefits, preventing accumulation and blockages while virtually eliminating the damaging and dangerous practice of hammering on vessel walls.

Until the 1970s, the company’s sole focus was making bulk materials handling cleaner, safer and more productive by designing and building high-performance vibrators: electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. Now, more than 60 years after that first breakthrough design, the firm holds more than 130 patents, with innovations in such diverse technologies as air cannons, sonic cleaners, conveyor components, transfer chutes, silo cleaning and dust containment.  Yet today the Vibrolator remains one of the world’s most accepted vibrators to improve the flow of solid bulk materials.

The new guaranteed rental program from Martin Engineering is a new way to keep ones vibratory systems up-to-date. The program includes replacements for all foreign as well as U.S. vibratory motor suppliers. It is intended to provide a “third option” for equipment users: a cost-effective alternative to OEM motors or local shop refurbishment. According to Martin Engineering they are currently the only U.S. manufacturer of large industrial vibratory drives (including explosion-proof models) for OEM and aftermarket use.

The rental program includes heavy-duty vibrators for screening equipment such as shale shakers.

The rental option is also expected to bring value to purchasers of used equipment, providing another way to improve equipment uptime and maintain system throughput and overall productivity:  Many companies supply used shakers and screening equipment as rentals. When the time comes to replace the vibratory drives, these companies have historically been faced with just two choices – either to spend several thousand dollars on a replacement OEM motor with its accompanying new product warranty, or to have the motor refurbished by a local electrical shop, where warranties are typically just 3-6 months.”

As it is almost impossible to predict, when a vibrator may fail, the vibrators in the Martin Engineering rental program are backed by a full replacement warranty throughout the life of the contract, with no limit to usage time. According to the company the drives within the program are likely to serve applications in high frequency screens, sizing equipment and dewatering operations in diverse industries such as oil and gas, as well as processing of coal, iron ore, gold and other elements, silica sand, and even some pharmaceutical and food applications.

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