Dust Control & Prevention

How to achieve a clean Conveyor Path

Innovative Belt Cleaning Technology eliminates Carryback at Cement Plant
After installing an innovative primary cleaner designed for punishing applications a Detroit cement producer could stop excessive carryback and equipment fouling. With a significant reduction in carryback, spillage, and labor for cleanup, the plant was able to improve work­place safety, lower the cost of operation and see a quick return on investment.

Snap-In Pleated Bag Filter Line for Abrasive Dust Collection

Combined with Donaldson's Ultra-Web pleated filters, snap-in installation can reduce labor and downtime costs by up to 50% compared with standard felt bags and cages.
Dust Collection
Donaldson Company, Inc. now offers a snap-in pleated bag filter for its Torit RF Baghouse dust collector, which is widely used in grain handling, mining, woodworking, and other industries with large volumes of abrasive dust. The snap-in option is already available on the company’s Modular Baghouse, another Torit dust collector model widely used in these industries.

Particulate Emissions and Explosion-Protection solved economically

With the compact PowerCore dust collectors it has succeeded to decrease the particulate emissions and at the same time to reduce the crude gas volume decisive for the explosion protection of the unit.
Dust Collectors
The growing proportion of lightweight materials in the manufacturing processes results in higher particulate fractions that must be filtered by extraction and dust removal systems to improve workers' health and safety in the workplace. This places high demands on the engineering and materials use of the dust removal systems and affects particularly the explosion protection in processing of light metals and fibre composites.

Filters for all Applications

Infastaub manufactures pocket filters, cartridge filters, bag filters, lamella filters and cassette filters with pneumatic and mechanical cleaning.
Dust Removal
Infastaub manufactures and sells dust removal devices for industrial applications and dust extraction from machines and workplaces. The company was founded in 1967. Headquarter of the company is Bad Homburg v.d. H. in Germany. Distribution locations are in Europe, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, the Ukraine and the USA.

Minimizing Haul Road Dusts

RST’s new Avenger range features ultra-concentrated, eco-friendly and fast-acting dust control solutions capable of treating challenging material types found in all forms of mining operations.
Dust Suppression
A leader in dust control systems for ‘pit to port’ operations, RST has been treating haul road and mine site dust emissions on a global scale for close to three decades, continually developing the latest technology and products for use by major mining companies. Avenger high performance haul road dust suppressant has been developed as an additive for water carts to greatly improve dust control.


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