Particulate Emissions and Explosion-Protection solved economically

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Particulate Emissions and Explosion-Protection solved economically

The growing proportion of lightweight materials in the manufacturing processes results in higher particulate fractions that must be filtered by extraction and dust removal systems to improve workers' health and safety in the workplace. This places high demands on the engineering and materials use of the dust removal systems and affects particularly the explosion protection in processing of light metals and fibre composites.
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With the compact PowerCore dust collectors it has succeeded to decrease the particulate emissions and at the same time to reduce the crude gas volume decisive for the explosion protection of the unit.

The PowerCore technology developed by Donaldson offers the best prerequisite for a highly efficient dust filtration and a simplified filter changeout and fast maintenance, the company says. The dust collectors are up to 70% smaller than conventional dust collectors with filter bags and filter pack changes take only about one fifth of the time in a direct comparison. At the same time, significantly higher filtration efficiency is achieved. Independent laboratory tests confirm that PowerCore filter packs reduce emissions by up to 78% when compared to standard polyester bags (Fig. 1).

These advantages can now also be applied by users of dust collectors that are installed in potentially explosive areas. Because Donaldson expands the PowerCore range over the entire airflow rate from 1,000 m3/h to 30,000 m3/h by systems, which were developed for use in potentially explosive areas of zones 21 and 22, as well as zones 1 and 2 for gas according to the ATEX Directive (Fig. 2).

The PowerCore dust collectors are now available over the entire series in explosion prevention designs in accordance with the ATEX Directive 92/9/EG. Another option, also available for the entire series, is the reinforced construction of the filter housing for filtering of explosive dust, which can withstand a dust explosion up to certain reduced explosion pressures. These can be equipped with several protection devices.

The user who handles explosive dusts can select exactly the dust collector that meets the individual requirements with these options.

In addition, from an economic point of view, the compact design and the modular structure of PowerCore dust collectors offer particular advantages when used in hazardous zones. Compared to conventional dust collectors with tubular and envelope bag filters, they have a lower crude gas volume with a correspondingly lower energy content. This sets the stage for the use of compact-sized and cost-effective ATEX-compliant components (Fig. 3).

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