Coke Stockpile Reclaiming via Rotary Discharge Machine

Stockpile Reclaiming

Coke Stockpile Reclaiming via Rotary Discharge Machine

Aumund has been awarded the order to supply a state-of-the-art rotary discharge machine for reclaiming coke from an Australian producers intermediate stockpile.
(ed. wgeisler - 17/2/2017)
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Rheinberg, Germany – BlueScope Steel, one of Australia's main steel producers, is operating a coke oven battery in Wollongong (NSW) which today produces coke not only for their own consumption but also for external customers. For intermediate storage the coke is piled on large stockpiles with a total storage capacity of 90,000 tons, of which 50,000 tons built up on top of a discharging gullet. Aumund Fördertechnik GmbH has been assigned to supply a new state-of-the art rotary discharge machine (RDM) to automatically reclaim the coke from underneath this stockpile for further transport. 

The RDM travels inside a tunnel under which a discharge wheel reclaims the bulk material from one side of the gullet bottom. The system has already been commissioned as a star performer in the overall raw material handling project of BlueScope Steel. Such applications of AUMUND RDM are becoming more and more popular worldwide also in case of closed storage systems further reducing potential dust emissions.

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