New Products

New Products

A new Solution for Sand Production and Fines Recovery

According to Superior Industries, the dewatering screen on the Spirit Sand Plant helps producers achieve moisture content in their product as low as 8%.
Washing Equipment
Superior Industries, Inc., a U.S. based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, has added another solution for sand production and fines recovery to its growing product portfolio, the Spirit Sand Plant. The unit’s configuration includes a cyclone, dewatering screen, sump tank, and slurry pump to classify and produce salable manufactured sand.

Newly Improved Ceramic Tile Corrects Belt Slippage and Premature Wear

Asgco has added a Semi-Ceramic pulley lagging to their pulley lagging product line, featuring 40% coverage.
Pulley Lagging
Asgco has added a Semi-Ceramic pulley lagging to their pulley lagging product line, featuring 40% coverage. The addition of this Semi-Ceramic Lagging allows Asgco to offer a semi-ceramic product range to provide customers with a choice between full ceramic coverage with our Arrowhead Ceramic Pulley Lagging for high tension drive pulley's, as well as less than full ceramic coverage with Asgco’s new Semi-Ceramic Lagging for smaller pulleys, non-drive pulley's and bend pulley's.

Tilt-down Flexible Screw Conveyor cleans rapidly, rolls through Doorways

Flexicon’s Mobile Sanitary Flexible Screw Conveyor can be tilted down to clear doorways 2134 mm in height, and rolled through aisles as narrow as 1067 mm.
Mechanical Conveying
New from Flexicon is a Sanitary Flexible Screw Conveyor that can be tilted down and rolled to serve multiple functions. Using a manual jack screw, the support boom and conveyor can be raised for discharging into vessels or other process equipment. Fully lowered, it can be rolled through doorways as low as 2134 mm in height, and aisles as narrow as 1067 mm.

Snap-In Pleated Bag Filter Line for Abrasive Dust Collection

Combined with Donaldson's Ultra-Web pleated filters, snap-in installation can reduce labor and downtime costs by up to 50% compared with standard felt bags and cages.
Dust Collection
Donaldson Company, Inc. now offers a snap-in pleated bag filter for its Torit RF Baghouse dust collector, which is widely used in grain handling, mining, woodworking, and other industries with large volumes of abrasive dust. The snap-in option is already available on the company’s Modular Baghouse, another Torit dust collector model widely used in these industries.


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