New Conveyor Belt with energy-saving, flame-resistant Rubber Material

Flame-Resistant Conveyor Belt

New Conveyor Belt with energy-saving, flame-resistant Rubber Material

Bridgestone has utilized technology developed for the company’s fuel-efficient Ecopia tire line to create a new conveyor belt with energy-saving and flame-resistant rubber material. It is available worldwide and will help industrial facilities become more environmentally-friendly, while providing a safer working environment for operators.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 13/2/2015)
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In recent years, various industries have instituted efficiency initiatives, thereby making resource conservation a priority. During extended conveyor belt operation, energy loss occurs as the belt runs along the indentation resistant roller. This new conveyer belt material maximizes belt performance of energy-saving, even during extended use. Such capability increases product availability to meet growing customer demand.

In addition to the energy-saving technology, the new conveyor belt material is also flame resistant, which is critical to coal mines, port facilities, power plants and other industries that require flame resistance for disaster prevention.

The new flame resistance rubber material complies with Japanese Industrial Standard, and the new conveyor belt will be applicable subject to the customers’ operating conditions.

Committed to maintaining its position as global manufacturing leader, Bridgestone Corporation will continue to leverage its advanced technologies to find solutions to customer needs and challenges across all industries.

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