Prevent Wear and Material Loss in Conveyor Systems

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Prevent Wear and Material Loss in Conveyor Systems

An important step in preventing material loss from conveyor systems is to correct the guidance of the conveyor belt. Flexco provides various belt centring systems for this purpose – for example the PT Pro Belt Trainer. This detects when the belt is not running true and corrects it. This is achieved by a special feature – when the belt wanders, the pivot and tilt movement always guides it back into the correct position. With this centring system, users therefore not only have significantly less material loss, they also reduce their maintenance costs.
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The PT Pro Belt Trainer belt centring system detects belt misalignment and, when the belt wanders, always guides it back into the correct position. This is achieved by means of the pivot and tilt movement.

PT Pro corrects belt misalignment on one or both sides. The system can also be used on reversing belts. No sensor rollers are required as the tapered rollers initiate movement of the belt guiding system. The unit responds immediately to belt misalignment and corrects it. It also ensures that the belt does not touch the structure, thus preventing damage and reducing maintenance costs.

To ensure optimum operation, the user can make fine adjustments to the position of the belt centring system by means of an adjustment screw – no tools are required. The special feature of the Flexco solution is the unique pivot and tilt movement. Pivoting affects the direction while tilting increases the tension on the incorrectly guided side. These two forces therefore move the belt quickly back to the centre. The belt centring system is suitable for maximum belt speeds of up to seven metres per second – and therefore also for heavy loads. It can be installed in both damp and dry environments. Operators can use the PT Pro for belt widths from 450 to 2400 mm and at temperatures between -35 and 82°C. It also corrects belts with worn and damaged edges, whether mechanically joined or vulcanised.

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