Samson Mobile Feeder to the Port of Sousse in Tunisia

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Samson Mobile Feeder to the Port of Sousse in Tunisia

In corporation with Samson Materials Handling, Aumund France has won a second order from STAMA (Société de Transit d’Agence Maritime et d’Affrètement) for a Samson Mobile Feeder to be employed at the Port of Sousse, Tunisia, for unloading salt and sand from trucks.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 06/3/2017)
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Samson Mobile Material Feeder to handle salt and sand at the Port of Sousse, Tunisia.

Ely, United Kingdom – The mobile feeder is designed to receive salt and sand with a bulk density of 1.4 to 1.6 t/m3 and will discharge directly to an ongoing conveyor system at an output feed rate of 500 m3/h. The equipment is fitted with a horizontal loading section which will receive salt and sand directly from 40 t capacity trucks.  Additionally there is a 35 t buffer holding capacity which enables drivers to reposition subsequent discharging vehicles without pausing equipment operation.

To ensure high performance rates, material is conveyed on a belt supported by trapezoidal shaped apron bars situated at every chain pitch thus providing maximum balanced support during conveying.  Flexible side seals help the directionality of the material travelling along the belt and minimise spillage risk.  At the transfer point the material is discharged to the ongoing conveyor at a controlled volumetric rate by passing through a levelling blade. Mounted on polyurethane filled tyres and fitted with a towing facility the Samson mobile feeder can be towed free of the area when not required or relocated across the port as required.

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